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LinkShell Event Rules
1. Comment +2 items in your search message every event.
* After you have 6 +2 items, they become free lot if no one else is commented that item. (9 for Ardor.)
* If more then one person comments an item they will build to 3 +2 items then pass to next person.
* Comment must be posted.

2. Seal runs will be divided equaly but must have the job at 75+ to cast lot on seals.
*Comment one job for +1 seals and put how many you have and need to finish the set, if more than one person on same seals it will be divided up closest to finishing set cast lot first then moves to next person so on.
*If no one comment on seals than it goes free cast lot but if its comment no free cast lot till no one else needs.

3.  Wishlist items take priority.
* Your item must be posted on wishlist and only 1 per post.
* The order of wishlist will be determined by when you posted wish.
* Must be on time per wishlist runs or your item be pushed down to last and once everyone finished there first wishlist then next round of lists be posted.

4. If you want to be put in line for an empyreal weapon:
* You must attend events. (If you are online not helping with events you will be last on list.)
* You must be willing to get your weapon to the item collection stage.
* Lottery NM's need to be done on your time. (Not on event time.)
* The Linkshell will help you with VNM's. (If you need help it will be a scheduled event.)

5. If you are asked to brew:
* You get lotting rights on one item.
* Empyreal items you do not have lotting rights on.
* Wishlist items you do not have lotting rights on.

6.  Players will not be able to lot on items if they missed last run.
* This does not apply to people working etc.
* please post on forum if you know you will be missing several events or tell me or a sackholder.

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MonsterHunters, Dec 13, 11 4:14 AM.
Christmas in a few days and hope everyone has a great christmas!!! Oh new years eve is just right after that so prepare for 2012 everyone!!!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

MonsterHunters, Dec 13, 11 2:51 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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